Sunday, 7 April 2013

14/52 Hide & Seek

'a portrait of issey, once a week, every week, in 2013'

 Exploring & discovering our new local area, we have found the magical gardens of Westwood Manor and there we explored and discovered some more! Perfect for hide & seek x

still new and learning, so got mixed up and posted a few of last weeks favourites on that weeks post (OMG) !! but have since found this delightul image since which I also love...go see the most beautiful & colourful boy x

joining in with che and fidel



'daffodils & daisies'
'spring flowers'


  1. What a beautiful garden! Reminds me of the Secret Garden!

  2. Yes, me too and it truly is as you'd never know it was there! Thanks for visiting x . Love your blog too... I'm a newbie blogger so might have to hit you up for a few tips.... plus I just moved from Perth back to England after 11 years there!!! Lovely to see all the sunshine in your pics :-)

  3. oh i want to explore that garden too! your blog looks lovely i will be back here to explore soon x

  4. Thanks Jo :-) ....well if you're ever over in the UK!! love the insights in your little ones happenings and also 'these days posts x